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A Truck A Camera and Lots of Caffeine

PRESS RELEASE October 1, 2013

Inspired Productions was recently blessed with access to a fully equipped Grip Truck and a RED Scarlet Camera system complete with 6 lenses. Through building a group of advisors called CAB (Christian Advisory Board) the company connected with the Executive Producer of “The Cracked Pot” Wes Bristol, who graciously provided Inspired Productions with access to this equipment.

The previous owner of the equipment was renting the equipment to Mr. Bristol’s production, but need to sell it and offered Mr. Bristol a deal on the complete package. So, in a nonstop, whirlwind trip to LA, Erny, Steve and Wes drove down and picked up the truck loaded with production equipment and the RED Scarlet camera w/ lenses. The long 24 hour trip was well worth it to be able to start working on projects and move forward with the production of the company’s first major production of a TV series USCG-AUX Station Lake Tahoe (  

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